Monday, June 19, 2017

Brexit Negotiations Start

This should take awhile, I'm guessing.

I am also a bit confounded by the Britons talking about a "hard-Brexit" or a "soft-Brexit".

What do they expect? I should think it would be naive to believe that these divorce proceedings will let them off the hook easily. The European Union has no interest whatsoever to set an easy example for other countries to follow should they make the same choice.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Second Pride Wants Bloggers - Apply Now!

My dear old friend Mr Kahvy Smith Esq, nee Sands, asked me to help spreading the word on this. So here goes!
"We need bloggers for this years round of Second Pride!!!

For the first time ever, Pride is happy to announce the use of a Bloggers Room. With so many amazing creators on board -- check them out on -- we could not go without YOUR help!

So now we need YOU!!!! We are looking for Bloggers that want to blog about the items for sale at Pride from June 23rd - July 1st! Set up starts at June 18 and items should become available from now till the event opens.
  • Bloggers gain access to a special bloggers room through a private group, items will be available there for you to pick up. 
  • Acceptation based on first come base, Bloggers that already work with vendors that participate have first pick 
  • We are gunning for at least two blog posts from you! We know the deadline is steep, if that's a problem for you, please don't apply! We need people that can work fast and furious to get the word out!
  • Creator participation is volunteer base, not all of them will participate but some exciting content creators already have joined the room, including to date, Gabriel, L&B, T L C , Sources, RJD, Redangel, PowerDesign and more are added every day!!! 
  • A young team of Blogger Management so we expect you, to work with us to make it better! Help shape us up and make Blogging a Regular for Pride! Be a Pioneer with us!!! 

Contact Kahvy Smith​ (kahvy.sands) inworld for an application and/or more info!"

Monday, June 12, 2017

Pulse, Orlando, Florida - 1st Anniversary

Honor the dead and the survivors of the massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, on June 12, 2016. 
  1. Stanley Almodovar III, 23 years old
  2. Amanda L. Alvear, 25 years old
  3. Oscar A. Aracena Montero, 26 years old
  4. Rodolfo Ayala Ayala, 33 years old
  5. Antonio Davon Brown, 29 years old
  6. Darryl Roman Burt II, 29 years old
  7. Angel Candelario-Padro, 28 years old
  8. Juan Chavez Martinez, 25 years old
  9. Luis Daniel Conde, 39 years old
  10. Cory James Connell, 21 years old
  11. Tevin Eugene Crosby, 25 years old
  12. Deonka Deidra Drayton, 32 years old
  13. Simón Adrian Carrillo Fernández, 31 years old
  14. Leroy Valentin Fernandez, 25 years old
  15. Mercedez Marisol Flores, 26 years old
  16. Peter Ommy Gonzalez Cruz, 22 years old
  17. Juan Ramon Guerrero, 22 years old
  18. Paul Terrell Henry, 41 years old
  19. Frank Hernandez, 27 years old
  20. Miguel Angel Honorato, 30 years old
  21. Javier Jorge Reyes, 40 years old
  22. Jason Benjamin Josaphat, 19 years old
  23. Eddie Jamoldroy Justice, 30 years old
  24. Anthony Luis Laureano Disla, 25 years old
  25. Christopher Andrew Leinonen, 32 years old
  26. Alejandro Barrios Martinez, 21 years old
  27. Brenda Marquez McCool, 49 years old
  28. Gilberto R. Silva Menendez, 25 years old
  29. Kimberly Jean Morris, 37 years old
  30. Akyra Monet Murray, 18 years old
  31. Luis Omar Ocasio Capo, 20 years old
  32. Geraldo A. Ortiz Jimenez, 25 years old
  33. Eric Ivan Ortiz-Rivera, 36 years old
  34. Joel Rayon Paniagua, 32 years old
  35. Jean Carlos Mendez Perez, 35 years old
  36. Enrique L. Rios, Jr., 25 years old
  37. Jean Carlos Nieves Rodríguez, 27 years old
  38. Xavier Emmanuel Serrano-Rosado, 35 years old
  39. Christopher Joseph Sanfeliz, 24 years old
  40. Yilmary Rodríguez Solivan, 24 years old
  41. Edward Sotomayor Jr., 34 years old
  42. Shane Evan Tomlinson, 33 years old
  43. Martin Benitez Torres, 33 years old
  44. Jonathan A. Camuy Vega, 24 years old
  45. Juan Pablo Rivera Velázquez, 37 years old
  46. Luis Sergio Vielma, 22 years old
  47. Franky Jimmy DeJesus Velázquez, 50 years old
  48. Luis Daniel Wilson-Leon, 37 years old
  49. Jerald Arthur Wright, 31 years old

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Petr Says

Wrap it Up!

Stolen from my friend Petr Hastings Vanbeek's blog: Confessions of A Digital DaddyBear: Wrap It Up!

Second Pride Festival 2017 - The Logo

Below is the logo of this years Second Pride festival, which was recently released. 
I like it! Its powerful and illustrates that we still have to stand up and be counted in the fight for our own and our International sisters and brothers rights and protections.

Sure, pride is a celebration of who we are and how far we have come in some countries, but we must also always remember there are places in the world where the situation for our sisters and brothers our far from comfortable and easy as it is for us.

We are here to celebrate and to give them hope and show support in their struggles. We are here to be in the faces of their and our oppressors, to show we exist and we are here to stay. We will be loud and proud because we cant!